Sarah Lin Wilson is an experienced writer, journalist and poet from Nelson, New Zealand.

Sarah Lin Wilson


I write about politics, health, science and social issues. 

My byline appears in New Zealand Geographic, The Wireless and The SpinoffFolks, and Sport magazine. 

In 2018 I contributed to the critically acclaimed anthology Headlands, published by Victoria University Press.

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Sarah Lin Wilson New Zealand Geographic

State of mind

Over ten months in 2017 and 2018, I worked on a Special Report for NZ Geographic about mental illness in New Zealand, looking at world-leading research into what causes it, to diagnosis, to the many unseen treatments and services. 

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Sarah Lin Wilson Headlands VUP

Water Wings

Headlands is an ambitious and diverse anthology, curated with a deft and light hand by award-winning editor Naomi Arnold. 

My essay, Water Wings, was named for a metaphor I used to describe tools for staying afloat when awash with anxiety.

Read my reviews of the book, which serve doubly as an addendum –

Give me back my anxiety chair

Manic Depression on a Mixtape

Find out more about the book and buy a copy from VUP. 

Sarah Lin Wilson Rose Young Tiny Portions Folks

The Frog Inside Her Chest


“Rose Young makes tiny sculptures of food. It’s the kind of work that requires intense attention to detail… all while a congenital heart defect wreaks havoc in her chest…’

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The 15 Year Long Headache


“Joshua May has woken up with a headache every single day for the last 15 years, but after beating cancer as a teen, the Aussie traveller has never slowed down.”

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Folks helps tell the stories of people who refuse to be defined by their health.

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Writehanded houses my opinion writing on politics, health, feminism and social issues. 

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My Patrons help fund my writing and play an important role in my work. 

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My Resume – a brief history

I studied communications, expressive arts and journalism at Massey University and graduated with a Bachelor of Communications.

After a stint as a newspaper reporter, I moved into the world of government communications, and worked in that field for several years. I’ve spent the past six years contracting in corporate communications and public relations, and developing my freelance writing portfolio.

Some of this work was for charities and I volunteered my skills to the Nelson Women’s Centre, eventually sitting on their Governance Group. 

When I discovered I had autoimmune arthritis, I started writing about issues relating to politics and health, and representation of marginalised groups. I hosted a column in the Nelson Mail as well as founding

I have a particular passion for social issues, health, and science writing and am lucky to be able to work in these areas. 

After gathering over a decade of experience and getting my name in publications I’m proud of, I now work as a freelance journalist and wordsmith for hire.

Get in touch: [email protected]